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Extensive Review of DarwinEssay

More often than not, the paper writing services that work for what could be construed as a pittance, really, are the worst ones. Unfortunately, many students fall into this trap. It’s not greed that compels them to do so. It’s their tight budget.

DarwinEssay is a company specialized in catering essays and other academic papers to students. And it does it for prices so low that one can only wonder how it keeps its head above the water. But of course, the quality reflects those DarwinEssay prices.

What You Should Know about Darwin Essay

DarwinEssay.net is a cesspool of low prices, freebies, and reductions of those prices. It sounds surreal, but then again, it is. We are told that the company delivered almost 7.200 orders, which I find really hard to believe, considered that there were only 68 writers online.

In terms of quality, the price is directly proportional to it. All the papers, regardless of education level, are sub par. They contain many grammatical errors that couldn’t slip to a certified writer.

There were cases in which the papers were so full of mistakes that students would’ve had to re-write them. In this light, Darwin Essay excels at making the one whose name it bears turn in his grave.

The Prices

Prices start at less than $10 per page, which is below average. Moreover, you can apply some discounts and coupon codes. For this to happen, your order must exceed a certain total sum, after which you will be granted a promo code.

In the end, you get your paper for a very, very low price. Don’t be misguided by this, however. The quality will be as low as the price. This is obviously a marketing technique meant to tempt more students to work with Darwin Essay.


On-site, they are all complimentary. They are written in what I call “Funny English” – it’s simply English, but broken and therefore hilarious. Outside of the site, the customer reviews are not that bright.

There are many issues with quality that all their previous customers were quick in seeing. Some other ones complained that DarwinEssay.net started to spam them with e-mails, even though the company stated against the use of personal info.

DarwinEssay.net is not fraud or scam, that’s out of the question. It’s just a very inefficient paper writing company with so many problems that its rating keeps on dropping.

Verdict of My Review

Darwin Essay made one of the commonest mistakes in this field: lowered the prices well-knowing that not those were the problem, but the quality of their work. Sadly, there are many students who give in and order from this one.

We know that you might not have that much money, to begin with, but you can find other companies with low prices that could actually return some quality in exchange. You must not forget that a good essay could cost you some good money, as well.

However, it is worth it if it’s written better than you could’ve written it yourself.

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