In-depth Review of Products and Services from EssayWriter

Even though you might think that the multitude of online essay writing services is beneficial to students, it is not. Not only does this make finding a good one more difficult, but it also leaves too much room for those essay companies that shouldn’t exist. has been on the market for 7 years now, during which it managed to become one of the commonest targets of displeased students. I had to check for myself to see if it’s really that bad as it is pictured. God! Yes, yes it is.

Trivia on Essay Writer offers… Well, many things. Dissertations, coursework, book reports and some other types of assignments. However, there is no way of testing the waters, so to speak, in the sense that, even though the service boasts with professional writers, you can’t be sure of that.

There are a few samples, but don’t bother looking for them on the website.

And after reading the EssayWriter testimonials, you’ll see that you were right when thinking they’re merely ESL writers. The Essay Writer papers are lacking in quality. And if you want to talk things over with the support team, good luck with that. They’re not that talkative.

The Prices

The prices on are really low but then again, so is the quality of the works they provide to students. An essay starts at $10.95, while a dissertation at $14.95 per page.

The company offers discounts and coupon codes, but you have to insert your e-mail first. That makes no sense and it sounds to me like you’re going to be spammed. Also, a promo code is given to you whenever your order.

Since the prices are coupled with bad quality and obvious spamming dreams, they can be as low as they want, they’re still not worth it.

Customer Reviews

I had to go off-site to find some of these because they were nowhere to be found on the barely navigable Essay Writer website. There are several complaints in regards to the quality of the papers, respecting the deadline and the most inefficient support team.

A lot of students were disappointed in this team, as it is incapable of answering questions when they’re asked by those who were baffled by the errors enclosed in the papers they’ve ordered.

Essay Writer is no fraud or scam, but all these downsides simply amount to too much for this service to even be considered.

My Rating

As a conclusion to my review, I have to give my rating to this essay writing “service”. This is: not worth your time, least of all your money. There are plenty of other good companies to choose from. must realize that, in order to gain the trust of potential customers, it mustn’t lower its prices, but to improve the quality of the works it sends to students. It’s not all about the price – it’s all about the quality.

I hope this review was helpful to you and hopefully, you haven’t read it too late.

EssayWriter review