homeworkmarket review

Pros and Cons of HomeworkMarket Writing Service

Before I dive into my review for this company, bear in mind that this doesn’t provide academic writing services, in the sense that it does not write papers. HomeworkMarket.com is, as the name says it, a place where pupils can get their homework done on the spot.

Believe me, however, when I say that instead of using Homework Market, you better copy your homework from a friend. If you’re having a hard time believing me, then let me show you why in this HomeworkMarket review.

What’s Wrong with HomeworkMarket.com?

I’m not saying that Homework Market is inherently bad. I’m positive that there are some really good writers there. But most of the times, you are paired up with absolute bums that have no regards for language nor for the fact that you’re wasting money away, thinking you’re going to get a great paper.

Sometimes, you can get it, that’s true, but it’s a hit-and-miss kind of thing, because it all depends on what writer ends up doing your homework. And there’s no way for you to make sure he’s a good one, either.

They do respect the deadline, I’ll give them that, although that’s not much of a perk.

The Prices

The prices vary because you pay up only if you decide to purchase an answer. They also depend on how difficult your homework is and how long it would take one to finish it. The prices are meager, but the poor quality totally justifies that.

There is no promo code, no discounts and no coupon codes on Homework Market since these wouldn’t be feasible due to the fact that there are so many writers on the website.

Customer Reviews

Pretty much all testimonials for HomeworkMarket.com are negative. I have yet to see a good one. Many found the design of their website a chaos. I totally agree with that. Funny thing: the company’s got almost 20.000 likes on Facebook.

One can only wonder how much they had to pay for SEO and branding services. And by the way, a message from “Brilliant academic writer” popped-up on the page. Utterly amazing.

There aren’t many people who know how to actually navigate on the website. It’s so… everywhere that you have no clue where to look for something. But maybe it’s for the best. This way, you won’t be inclined to use this service.

My Rating

I can tell you one thing: HomeworkMarket.com is not fraud or scam, but it still gets 1/5. The site is almost unnavigable. You must spend half an hour to figure out what to do. And when you do and you place an order, you’ll discover that you’ve just made a mistake.

Homework Market is not for you, believe me. I forgot to mention that for as long as you’ll be on the site, messages will keep on popping up, as a lot of writers or whatever they are, contact you and try to get you to work with them.

Not cool at all.