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The 5 Worst Writing Services You Could Trust With Your Grade

Not everyone has the luxury of having time for all of their assignments. As a student following a Master’s program, I’m juggling between my classes and my work place – because whether I like it or not, I can’t be a 24-year-old without my own source of income – especially since I also have rent to pay.

Sadly, this leaves me little to no time to focus on my assignments, and despite the fact that I’m trying to study as much as possible, I don’t have time to turn in four research papers a week as the other students do.

And like any other student in my situation, I sometimes turn to essay writing services to get some assignments off my back. Unfortunately, however, there were also times when I’ve been burned, and here are the websites that did so.

1. Paperial

paperial review

Upon first look, Paperial looks all nice and easy to navigate. I found a lot of samples; everything looked nice, neat, and legit. Everything was great – until I had to wait 6 hours to get a response from them. Eventually, I ordered a paper on a Greek philosopher, and once more, I had to wait until it got confirmed. In the end, the paper was one day late. And obviously, I missed my deadline. Good luck explaining to the professor that you were late trying to cheat your way through the course.

2. HomeworkMarket

homeworkmarket review

There’s a variety of prices that you can pay, all of which can go from very low to very high – depending on the difficulty of your topic. The paper was delivered on time, but it was greatly shadowed by the fact that the writing was disastrous.

Writers seem to be a hit or miss since I’ve read customer reviews that praise their services; however, seeing what I got, I’m skeptical over the truth behind those reviews.

3. MeldaResearch

melda research review

When I looked at the prices, I was pleased to see that they were average; not too cheap, but not too expensive either. The surprises started coming after I placed my order.

First of all, it came one day late. Had I not placed the order in the early stages of my exams, I would have missed my deadline and ultimately failed the class. Furthermore, this paper was by no means post-graduate level; it was at best college freshman level. There were so many mistakes that I had to spend two hours correcting it all.

4. WriteMyPapers

writemypapers review
The paper that I ordered from this service came on time; however, the topic was so thin, it barely had any consistency. Furthermore, the writing quality was not appropriate for college level; it was middle school level at best.

5. SameDayEssay

samedayessay review

Same day essay… that arrived not one, but two days late. Not only had I missed my deadline to turn the paper in, but it was so packed with errors that I couldn’t actually give it to anyone looking like that in the first place. Luckily, I got a refund for the paper.

So, how well do you care about your grade? If you care at all, you’ll avoid the services I mentioned above.